P’CELL 10th Anniversary and New Products Launch on 14 Sept 2019.

Tháng Chín 14, 2019News


& 10th Anniversary


KenCare Holdings (Singapore) is very happy to announce that we will be organising an event on 14th September 2019 to commemorate P’CELL’s 10th Anniversary and to launch our new Bio-Stem product line.

The event will comprise a seminar in the morning at One Farrer Hotel and the open house of our P’CELL Centre in the afternoon, at E-Centre@Redhill. The programme is as follows:



As a leading company in the stem cell research and application, we have definitely come a long way in research, development and innovation to create the most advanced stem cell solutions for skin healing and anti-aging with our key stem cell cloning technology and patent.

For the past 10 years, our founder and CEO, Ms. Ann Nguyen has worked very hard to build KenCare Holdings (Singapore). The primary goal of our company is not only to advance in research for stem cell technology and regenerative medicine, but also to help people in need. Our services in medical tourism and tele-medicine aim to help our patients receive the highest standard of healthcare in the world. Our products have had a significant impact on the lives of its users, from healing eczema scars to diabetic wounds. P’CELL has traditionally been sold exclusively as a medical product, but today we are launching products for consumers – products that anyone can use daily. Ms. Ann believes that everyone deserves look and feel healthier and more beautiful. With the launching of our newest Bio-Stem skincare line, we are happy to be able to share the wonders of stem cell technology with our community and society and beyond.

The morning seminar will consist of a series of talks by our founder, Ms. Ann and honoured speakers. 

First of all, our founder Ms. Ann Nguyen, chairman and founder of KenCare Holdings (Singapore) will give an opening speech and also an overview the P’CELL Brand and KenCare Group and how it has evolved over the past decade, including the discovery of the stem cell technology we use for our products, our company’s achievements and milestones.

Thereafter, we will have Dr. Lim Kah Meng, Scientific Consultant & Advisor of KenCare Holdings (Singapore) to share with us on P’CELL Technology and the Future of Regenerative Medicine, including how stem cells are used in the production of P’CELL and how P’CELL produces its effects on the skin.

Our third speaker, Mr. Marcus Foo, Head of Marketing of Farrer Park Hospital, will be introducing us to Farrer Park Hospital, with regard to the hospital’s medical advancements, affordable private healthcare services and world-renowned specialists.

Lastly, Dr. Ng Siew Weng, a plastic & reconstructive surgeon from Farrer Park Hospital, to enlighten us on the topic of “Facial Rejuvenation”, comprising surgical and non-surgical techniques such as phototherapy, botulinum toxin, fillers etc. that are used to treat various skin conditions.

There will be a networking lunch in the hotel after the seminar. You will have the opportunity to interact with our partners, distributors, guests and friends, meet experts in the field of stem cell technology and regenerative medicine, exchange knowledge and contact information and explore business collaboration possibilities.

In the afternoon, we will be having an open house at our P’CELL Centre. Attendees will be able to tour the area, get consultations, and sample and order our products. We are giving away a $100 gift voucher for skin aesthetic services and a 50% discount voucher for all products for all our attendees. Visit www.pcellpromotion.com for more information.